College Day!

I was working on my essay for the common application and editing it to flow smoothly. Today, my mentor called me and gave me useful information about what I can do with my thesis. I have three ways in approaching it or I can combine all three of them.


I have found a mentor and they told me that I should find a psychologist or psychiatrist to answer some of the questions I have. The main things I focused on today were coerced confessions and pleas. With coerced pleas,you will still be found guilty no matter what because of the options they give. Either you plea guilty or risk your innocence during a trial and hope you aren't found guilty. There are many cases out there like that and The Innocence Project is based on that. Many cases are guilty when they truly aren't.

College day

I started an essay about some talent or thing that is part of me. I chose the violin and music but had a hard time figuring out where I wanted to start and what I wanted to include in my essay. I really need to revise that.

College day 9/26

I need to start remembering to give myself time to do these blogs. I really like the idea of doing college applications at school because it relieves me from some stress. I edited some of my supplements for some of the colleges I will be applying for out of state. I feel like it took me awhile to write it because I wanted it to be different. I also looked at my resume and I might change the format to make it easier to read. But I don't know. UCF has so many things to offer to and I learned about more scholarships from the colleges.

College Day

I have completed the majority of St. Edward's application today. I just need to send in my resume, answer one more question, review it, and submit it. So today wasn't that bad.

9/22 College Day

This college process is getting stressful. So many things going on and I think I'll be applying priority status to the University of Tampa but I'm still debating about it. I looked up more scholarships because college isn't going to pay itself. I updated my account and found how much scholarships the colleges would offer me. I found a scholarship about spreading awareness of fire sparklers and drinking milk and writing an essay about it. I found even more scholarships for minorities but they have requirements I don't meet because of where I live or the field I want to study. There is a scholarship called Pepsico Cesar Chavez that I will be applying to.


I contacted a potential mentor and her name is Raquel Warley and she is an associate professor at California State University, Los Angeles. She has a Ph. D in forensic psychology and a master's in Criminal Justice which is perfect for the thesis I am doing. I also looked up different ways of detecting lies. According to a study done, they could only point out 53% of people who were actually lying or not. That is almost a coin flip. People show different signs when lying.