I talked to my mentor afterschool and I had a lot of the information we covered. I asked her questions about interrogations and now I have to send her an outline of my research paper.


We had thesis in buchanan's room because someone was presenting their thesis project today. I worked on my paper and presentation. I am almost done and I can't wait to finish.


worked on thesis paper


So no response to any of my emails .I emailed more today and worked on my PowerPoint. My essay is getting there but there are some rough patches .

thesis in dewberry's

I worked on my thesis paper and I read an article more like an experiment a group of people conducted that was similar to this thesis. The system needs to be fixed and it's true. Many facts support this but it is hard to come up with a solution that works for everyone. That's the part I've been struggling most with this thesis. I know the problem but I do not have a clear solution.


I emailed potential judges so hopefully I get a respond. We also worked in Buchanan's since Correa's room was being used for testing. I read an article that was similar to my thesis and I cannot believe I missed pointing on that interrogations are basically confidence games. Those who are strong are the ones who will come out harmless. I really enjoyed it and I can add more to my paper.