You know what I hate? When you leave your laptop at home. Besides that, I worked on my paper .I will present different options interrogators should take when questioning the suspect. I was thinking maybe I can do a type of simulation with my judges to see if I can show them what I am trying to prove. I will be persuasive and "scary" vs being the nice interrogator .


We had to work in a different room today because of SAT. I worked on my paper and I still feel like my ideas are not very organized so I am rearranging them as I continue working on it. LAST THESIS before Spring Break. Hopefully, I get a lot donewith it.  I need to make my introducion clearer.

Rough draft

I have created an outline of what I want to cover. What I am hoping to accomplish is a strategy on how to approach interrogations and how to deal with different people. I want there to be a better way in approaching these cases, especially since not all of these go to courts (most end up in pleas). This outline is very rough but we'll get there .

first day of marchhh

Continued to work on my thesis. I was wondering what I wanted to see in my thesis presentation. I want justice to be brought to those families who have suffered because the criminal justice system failed them. I think people should be more aware of how fragile the human brain is under pressure. It would be better if people took their time but that's the thing. Time is a factor in these cases. Some wait months or even years to hear about a clue that could lead to the killer and once they have a potential profile they go at it with all their might. They get frustrated just like we do and getting them trained to control their emotions or how to deal with a situation will probably make the case better.


I had to care of some stuff for college. I ended up cancelling my application to ASU because I already have a lot of options for next year and I am short on time to be worrying about another application. UNT never received my transcript so I need to do that and I am done applying to colleges. I looked up some potential scholarships and then worked on my thesis. There are a lot of Ted Talks about interrogations and why someone would confess to a crime they didn't commit. I am not sure in what direction I am heading but hopefully it turns out alright.


I was not in class today because I was downtown for a orchestra fieldtrip.